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Northwest Medical Specialties

Northwest Medical Specialties Applies the Jvion Machine to Drive Patient-centered Care within Oncology

"This project demonstrates the power of an AI machine to help oncology patients across different stages of illness and care settings. NWMS will continue to expand the application of the machine to enable rigorous, high-quality, coordinated, and proactive care for every patient."


Through a unique collaboration between Cardinal Health, Inc. and Jvion, Inc., powerful and proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is being made available to oncology practices across the United States. Northwest Medical Specialties (NWMS) is one of the initial sites implementing the solution to drive better care, smarter spending, and improved outcomes.

Applied across NWMS’s six locations and more than 1,700 new oncology cases per year, Jvion’s machine identifies patients at risk of a poor outcome, the clinical and non-clinical factors driving that risk, and the intervening actions that will most likely improve quality and the patient experience.

Current efforts are driving Cognitive Machine application to lower rates of mortality, improve pain management, prevent avoidable deterioration, better identify and treat depression, prevent avoidable readmissions, and lower rates of avoidable inpatient admissions and ED visits.

Cognitive Machine Application

The initial phase of the project is focused on actioning 30-day mortality insights from the Jvion solution. The approach is to prioritize the sickest patients to enable clinical actions that will facilitate patient-centered advanced care planning and comprehensive palliative care. The machine delivers a prioritized list of patients that includes current 30-day mortality risk, the factors driving the risk, and recommended actions for each individual. Patient Care Coordinators review the list, focus on patients who require more urgent care, and action the recommendations delivered by the machine.


To date, NWMS has improved the use of pain agents, improved palliative and hospice referrals by as much as 81%, driven a 68% increase in depression screenings, and realized an 80% increase in case management evaluations. In addition, the more targeted and effective patient escalation enabled by the Jvion machine has resulted in:

  • The identification of patients at-risk of 30-day mortality who would have been missed by conventional predictive analytic approaches
  • Patient-centered care plan development
  • More timely and meaningful end-of-life care conversations
  • The better utilization of acute care resources
For more information on how Jvion’s solution can help your organization meet your goals, please contact us at contact@jvion.com.