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Onslow Reduces Readmissions, Saves 440 LOS Days and $1M in Less than One Year

Case Study: Onslow Memorial Hospital


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Onslow Memorial Hospital is a 162-bed facility founded in 1944 and located in coastal North Carolina. The hospital offers a vast array of healthcare services with state-of-the-art diagnostic services, a modern Labor and Delivery suite with state-of-the-art monitoring system, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Newborn Nursery, Intensive Care Unit/Coronary Care Unit, Medical and Surgical Services, and Rehabilitation Services (including Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy). A responsive Emergency Department and Minor Emergency Care Unit treats more than 50,000 patients annually.


Onslow Memorial Hospital was looking for more effective ways to reduce readmissions. Driven in large part by the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), the return of a patient to the hospital within 30 days of discharge has been a key focus area for Onslow and other hospitals across the nation. 

Onslow is currently using the Jvion Machine to target all-cause, sepsis and pressure ulcer readmissions. Two additional areas of application have also been identified: Patient experience and avoidable ER/Inpatient admissions. By activating the patient experience vector, Onslow Memorial Hospital will be able to proactively identify potential care gaps and take the actions that will not only address the gaps but also drive patient engagement. 

In addition, three pilot opportunities have been identified within newly established ACO clinics. These sites will apply the outputs of the Jvion Machine’s avoidable admissions and ER visit (90 days) vector with the goals of improving quality scores and lowering costs.

The partnership with Jvion is part of an overarching move to strengthen the hospital operationally, clinically, and financially. While many providers are struggling to leverage limited resources and technology, Onslow Memorial Hospital has saved close to $1M and 440 length-of-stay days in less than a year by incorporating the AI-enabled analytics for preventable harm capabilities delivered by Jvion.

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  • Saved approximately $1M in less than a year
  • Saved 440 length-of-stay days in less than a year

“The Jvion Machine delivers the most effective risk and intervention insights that help our caregivers identify at-risk individuals as early as possible and take the best action that will stop someone from returning to the hospital. By marrying the latest and best in cognitive science with the talented resources at Onslow Memorial Hospital, we are driving beyond our readmission goals to improve quality and thrive under at-risk models of care.”
Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA, CEO Onslow Memorial Hospital

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