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Southeast Health

Southeast Health (FKA SAMC) Enables Primary Prevention using the Jvion Machine

Southeast Health Hospital Rounds with Jvion

"SAMC has realized an average 16.75% average reduction in number of pressure injuries per month and a 25.5% average monthly reduction in sepsis using the Jvion Machine."


Southeast Health is one of the leading provider organizations currently using the Jvion Machine as the system’s prescriptive analytics for preventable harm solution. The organizational goal is to enable quality improvements and lower rates of target diseases and avoidable events. Now, with the machine, clinicians are more effectively targeting patients on a trajectory toward and adverse event, determining if something can be done to change the outcome, and—if so—identifying the most effective interventions that will mitigate a patient’s risk. The Jvion Machine is used by nurses, physicians, and other clinical resources to drive prevention efforts earlier in the episode of care before signs or symptoms are present. As a result, Southeast Health is enabling the true primary prevention of events and conditions that are traditionally treated with secondary prevention efforts including inpatient sepsis and pressure injuries.

Jvion Machine Application

Southeast Health is using the power of the Jvion Machine to target pressure injuries and inpatient sepsis within the inpatient population. Using each individual patient’s current clinical data, clinical history, and socio-economic information, the machine is able to answer hundreds of questions about a patient’s health and the actions that will most effectively reduce the risk of an adverse, avoidable event. Clinicians use the risk propensity outputs and recommended actions to drive more effective and efficient prevention efforts earlier in the episode of care. The ability to see who is at risk well before any clinical signs are present is helping Southeast Health shift prevention efforts from secondary to primary prevention thereby improving outcomes and reducing resource demands.

Ensuring Adoption Success

At Southeast Health, clinical leadership owned the adoption of the Jvion Machine. They ensured that the right groups were engaged and sought change agents who would be able to effectively communicate the value and role of the prescriptive analytics for preventable harm solution. And Southeast Health nuanced the approach to implementation based on the adverse event/clinical target.

For pressure injuries, Southeast Health evaluated the potential impact to the patient population and the provider’s capacity to apply the Jvion Machine’s recommended interventions. They determined that pressure injuries had the greatest potential for improved quality outcomes and that the internal program already in place would be open to new technology solutions.

For sepsis, physician and nursing leadership collaborated to develop clinical workflows and order sets that could be applied to patients identified as high and medium risk of sepsis. This shift in mindset and clinical approach from early identification of sepsis to preventing the procession toward sepsis by ensuring that the right stakeholders and leaders were aligned and engaged throughout the process.


Southeast Health is realizing tremendous value from the Jvion Machine.

For pressure injuries, nurses action the Jvion Machine’s outputs to intervene on patients that would have otherwise been identified as “low risk” or missed through other techniques. Nurses report improved satisfaction and empowerment because of the integration of the AI into the clinical workflow. To date, Southeast Health has achieved:

  • 16.75% average reduction in number of pressure injuries per month
  • Cost avoidance per month $81,320 - 326,800
  • Cost avoidance per year $975,840 - $3,921,600

For sepsis, the mindshift and workflow changes spearheaded by clinical leadership have resulted in:

  • 25.5% average monthly reduction in sepsis
  • $442,000 - $741,000 cost avoidance per month
  • 455 average monthly total avoided patient days
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