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Solving the Healthcare Mystery and Lowering Rates of Pressure Injuries


The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) worked for years to lower pressure injury rates for the system’s patient population. In late 2015, a renewed focus led to the development of an innovative initiative targeting the number of stage three, four, and un-stageable pressure injury instances. Spearheaded by the system’s Chief Health Information Officer at the time John Showalter, MD, the project aimed at combining Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine with UMMC’s operational best practices to more effectively prevent pressure injuries within the hospital. In less than three months, UMMC realized a 66% drop in late stage pressure injuries and is projected to save more than $2M in associated costs.

Pressure injuries drive longer hospitalizations, increased risk of infection and increased risk of mortality. Every year, an estimated 60,000 people in the U.S die from pressure injury related complications. These rates are increasing and varied across providers with ranges from 0.4% up to 38% depending on the population served.

To address rising numbers of late stage pressure injury instances, Dr. Showalter and his team worked to optimize current processes and leverage the cognitive power delivered by Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. The Jvion machine delivers clinical prioritizations, propensities, and recommendations enabled by an Eigen-based engine capable of making more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations for every patient in real time.

Based on 20,000 inpatient encounters, UMMC found that the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine was:

  • 500% more efficient in detecting pressure injury risk than current methods based on the widely adopted Braden Scale
  • Better able to identify the high-risk patient population
  • Able to align specific patients to the most effective intervention with the greatest likelihood of success

In the three months following implementation of Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine, UMMC saw a 66% reduction in stage three, four, and un-stageable pressure injuries. This drop is attributed to the effectiveness of the propensities and actionability of the information. “What Jvion’s tool allows us to do is better target the individual patients at greatest risk of a pressure injury so that we can avoid the pressure injury before a patient ever reaches late stage,” said Dr. Showalter.

Industry resources report that a pressure injury adds an average of $43K to the cost of a hospital admission. This number is even higher for high-risk populations like the one in Jackson, Mississippi. Even at industry averages, the annual cost savings of UMMC’s program adds up to almost $2M per year. According to Dr. Showalter, Jvion’s solution “demonstrates how visibility into risk and the clinical actions that will change a patient’s trajectory has the profound ability to drive outcomes.”

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