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UnityPoint Health

UnityPoint Health Improves Chronic Condition Management and Patient Health with Jvion’s Cognitive Machine

"UnityPoint Health is using AI to make a big impact on patients and the larger community. Using Jvion’s Cognitive Machine, UnityPoint Health is driving toward the goal of the best outcome for every patient, every time."


UnityPoint Health, a prominent integrated delivery network serving Iowa and the surrounding area, is using Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to improve the health of the people and communities that they serve. The integration of Jvion’s AI is an extension of UnityPoint Health’s industry leadership in innovation and patient impact. The provider has realized significant value from the solution. And, this value has translated into real, positive patient impact.

Cognitive Machine Application

Incorporating the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities delivered by Jvion is part of an overarching organizational strategy aimed at reaching the top performance decile for hospitals by 2020. The first areas of Cognitive Machine application aligned to this goal focus on two critical clinical opportunities: readmissions and avoidable admissions.


Historical readmission performance across UnityPoint Central Iowa—a three hospital region within the broader system—had resulted in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) penalties. In addition, there were high levels of performance variation across facilities. Initial Cognitive Machine vector selection focused on lowering rates of readmissions and operationalizing the solution’s interventions to decrease variability and improve quality.

Avoidable Admissions

Building on the successful operationalization of the readmission vector, UnityPoint Health expanded the application of the Cognitive Machine to include avoidable admissions. This vector focuses on reducing rates of avoidable inpatient and ER visits through targeted interventions that are applied within the outpatient/ambulatory settings. UnityPoint health is applying the vector across 20 practices following an initial pilot.


The implementation of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine has helped UnityPoint Health drive toward their goal of personalized, effective care and resulted in:

Lowered rates of readmissions and decreased variability across facilities:

  • Within ten months, UnityPoint Health avoided $2.9 million in associated costs
  • The provider realized a greater than 50% reductionin variation of care/outcomes
  • There is a sustained average 18% improvement in chronic condition readmissions (CHF decreased by 11%; COPD decreased by 34%; Bact PN decreased by 10%)

Reductions in patient deterioration and avoidable admissions:

  • The pilot practices demonstrated a 30% reduction in avoidable admissions
  • Reductions in the pilot clinic were enough to generate an overall 5.6% reduction across all ambulatory settings; COPD admissions were reduced by 52% alone

And with the scalability of the Jvion machine, UnityPoint Health has a true enterprise AI asset that will serve the provider today and well into the future.

For more information on how Jvion’s solution can help your organization meet your goals, please contact us at contact@jvion.com.