Top 10 Things to Know About the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine


High-Performance, Clinical Appliance

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is designed specifically for healthcare. The machine works as a high-performance appliance. It more precisely, comprehensively, and effectively foresees medical events and delivers the recommended actions that will improve outcomes. And it does this with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and patient impact.


Applied Cognitive Science

The machine’s horsepower is based on applied cognitive science. For every patient, it makes more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations. The machine then applies hundreds of thousands of self-learning Eigen Spheres to this data for each patient in real time to achieve an ultra-definition patient view.


Ultra-definition Patient View

The holistic cognitive patient profile rendered by the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine has deep, rich resolution and is panoramic in breadth. The resolution of the patient image comprises exogenous factors, the socioeconomic determinants of health, the contributing factors driving risk, and the localized macro and micro-level actions that will impact outcomes. The breadth of the patient view is controlled by the aperture of the machine. It can be pin pointed to one medical event or fully expanded to thousands of clinical focus areas. Regardless of aperture size, the machine understands each risk and potential adverse event longitudinally and within the context of the entire patient.


Eigen Propensity Biography

For each individual ultra-definition patient view, the machine builds an Eigen Propensity Biography. This biography builds off the holistic cognitive patient profile and comprises the factors that influence risk and intervention effectiveness longitudinally and at specific points in time. Target events including risk of hospitalization, length of stay, and patient deterioration are embodied as clinical success vectors. Each vector extrapolates risk, contributing factors, and the macro and micro-level actions that will drive to the best outcome from the Eigen Propensity Biography. There are thousands of vectors within the machine that can be activated at any time for any patient.


Patient Impact Focus

The machine is tuned, tested, and measured against patient impact. This means that the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is better able to more precisely identify at-risk patients and more effectively make the right recommendations that will drive quality outcomes. We communicate this impact through our Effectiveness Value Score (EVS). The EVS score and the methodology behind it stand in stark contrast to the approach and measures used by predictive science. These solutions focus on model performance over patient impact and handpick select cohorts over the entire patient population.


Cognitive Clinical Augmentation

The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is designed to “think” about patients in the same way as a clinician: as complex, multi-dimensional individuals who are constantly changing based on internal and external factors. With every new piece of data, the machine “learns” more about each patient in a population. Through this perpetual enhancement of the patient view, the machine reduces a clinician’s cognitive load by pointing his/her focus to the right patients, with the right recommendations, at the right time.


Cognitive Business Strategy Augmentation

The best way to drive strategic success across operational, clinical, and financial domains is to bring in a machine that can make sense of the current data and deliver the insights that will direct efforts toward patient impact, quality, and business value. That is exactly what the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is designed to do. The power of the technology goes beyond a single event or target infection. It is truly designed to enable a provider’s strategic goal of improving patient health. And by doing so, the machine helps to support all aspects of healthcare strategy, quality, and value.


Speed to Enterprise Utility

The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is pre-tuned, pre-tested, and pre-wired to impact patient health. It takes only weeks to calibrate to the local patient population and develop the holistic cognitive patient profiles that serve as the basis for the machine’s insights. Once the machine is live, the recommended actions and insights reduce the need for interpretation, lower the cognitive resources needed to turn information into value, and improve clinical and business impact.


Cognitive Success Activation

To help our clients realize the highest potential value from the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine, we bring to bear the talent and support of our Success Activation Team. This group—which comprises clinical, technical, cognitive machine learning, and process experts—works across the lifespan of the machine to ensure our clients’ clinical and business success. They work to accelerate integration of the cognitive appliance into the organic workflow; reduce demands on IT and clinical resources; measure and report on the clinical and business impact; and provide ongoing support for training, communication, and executive reporting and performance measures.


Ranked #1 by Industry Analysts

More than 325 hospitals and 1,000 clinics use Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. The engine is proven, adopted, and producing value for some of the most prominent providers in the nation including Mayo Clinic and Trinity Health. This performance hasn’t gone unnoticed; Jvion’s solution has won numerous external awards including designation as the #1 solution in the market by Black Book Market Research.