Change the Game With Insights from Clinical AI

Jvion’s clinical AI insights can be integrated with existing platforms and software to enhance current offerings sold into healthcare markets. As vendors look to deliver solutions that improve population and patient health, improve the coordination of care and drive down costs, having access to Jvion’s clinical AI analytics can be a game changer.

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How We Help

Reduce avoidable harm

With Jvion, pinpoint patients at high risk for an adverse event and intercept and course correct to prevent avoidable harm and improve outcomes.

Improve provider experience and results

By giving providers the insights they need to deliver quality care effectively, Jvion helps care teams reduce costs, alleviate clinician burnout and protect human life.

Drive efficiency and better care quality

Using Jvion’s clinical AI, providers are able to reduce avoidable costs and utilization, which decreases demand on clinical resources, lowers costs and improves quality.

Improve patient engagement and adherence

By understanding individual risk and remediation, providers can establish regimens and programs that fit the socioeconomic and behavioral realities of the patient.

Strengthen financial viability

Proactive identification of avoidable risk and insights that address capacity management and uncompensated care enable hospitals to inform financial forecasting.

Reduce avoidable cost and utilization

By driving efficiency and better care quality, Jvion helps payers decrease demands on clinical resources, lower costs and avoid pay-for-performance penalties.

Increase member participation and engagement

Jvion helps payers pinpoint the best channel and time to engage members in their health, improving communications with providers.

Improve quality scores, including Medicare Star Ratings

By increasing patient engagement, Jvion helps payers increase compliance with care plans and direct members to more appropriate care settings.

Customers Jvion Has Helped Impact Patient Lives

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