Improve Member Health & Operational Outcomes

Value-based care, consumerism and deferred care are driving the need for prescriptive member analytics and insights. As stewards of health, payers are in a unique position to help providers, members and communities manage risk and drive to better outcomes. Using clinical AI, payers can improve member health and operational outcomes through the identification of avoidable risk and effective member engagement.

Jvion’s CORE helps payers understand underlying vulnerabilities and recommends personalized care strategies to improve health outcomes. These recommendations are based on evidence-based guidelines and an analysis of more than 4,500 risk factors per individual. And unlike traditional predictive analytics solutions, the output of the CORE is not dependent on prior utilization.

Use cases include population health, behavioral health, cost and utilization management, chronic care management and member activation and engagement.

How We Help

Reduce unforeseen risk

Identify patients on the cusp of becoming high-risk for an adverse event and intercept and course correct to change the outcome.

Increase member engagement

Streamline outreach with insights into the best time and channel to communicate with patients and members.

Improve utilization

Proactively guide patients to the most appropriate care settings.

Drive medication adherence

Understand clinical and socioeconomic risk factors impacting adherence and build strategies to help reduce the risk.

Customers Jvion Has Helped Impact Patient Lives

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