Pharmacy Benefit

Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs With Better Medication Adherence

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are expanding value-based care programs to improve patient outcomes and medication adherence. Jvion’s prescriptive AI CORE TM aggregates and analyzes vast amounts of clinical and socioeconomic data to understand the risk factors influencing future risk for patients. Based on those findings, the CORE prioritizes evidence-based recommendations to change the patients risk trajectory and drive a positive outcome.

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How We Help

Improve CMS Star Ratings

Using patient centric clinical AI, PBMs can ensure they are managing the right patients towards better health and medication adherence.

Identify high-risk members whose trajectory can be modified

Address comorbidities and compliance with patient-specific recommendations and education.

Reduce overall healthcare costs by providing prioritized recommendations

The Jvion CORE™ provides personalized recommendations based on an individual’s clinical and socioeconomic risk factors.

Effectively communicate with members

Jvion helps payers pinpoint the best channel and time to engage members in their health.

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