Post Acute Providers

Helping Post Acute Providers Become the Provider of Choice

How We Help PACs

In the crowded post acute provider world, your ability to out perform and out shine your competitors is critical to long-term success. To help you differentiate within the market we bring the proven capability of our solution's platform. This solution has a proven track record of reducing complications, infections, and readmissions for patients regardless of care setting.

Our goals for post acute providers is simple — increase the volume of patients referred to your facility while decreasing losses. And we meet this goal by using Jvion's solution predictions that:

  • Drive differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Enable tighter integration with local hospitals that are already using Jvion's solution
  • Improve performance and optimize length of stay
  • Reduce readmission events
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce the risk of patient deterioration
  • Optimize discharge to home health facilities
The Jvion Machine is a longitudinal, patient-centered solution that enables patient-level care regardless of facility. This means that predictions can follow a patient across the care continuum to ensure the best possible care and the lowest possible risk. These predictions are also helping to better align patient care settings to prevent rising-risk patients from becoming high-risk; enabling success under advanced financial models of care; and providing insights that support more informed financial and operational decision-making.
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Control Infection Risk for the Whole Patient

Infection Control
See the future state of each patient within a provider's walls and pin point those who are at an increased risk of infection or adverse event.

Stop a Patient's Readmission

Stop Readmissions
Look at readmission events within all of the clinical and external context that drive risk.

Keep Patients Healthier and Out of the ER

Prevent Avoidable ER Visits
Target avoidable ER visits and better manage costs by providing a high-definition view into future.

Master Episode-based Payment Initiatives

CJR Bundles
Drive the clinical actions that will reduce risk and cost across each care episode
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