Building AI Champions One Nurse at a Time

Nurses are the compassionate heroes on the front lines of healthcare. This has always been true, but it is especially so during the pandemic, as nurses risk their own health to continue providing comfort and care for their patients. Nurses spend more time with patients than anybody else and are deeply invested in their patient’s health and wellbeing. That’s why any change in the patient care workflow must begin with nurses.

Clinical AI is no different. Time and time again, we’ve seen that the success of clinical AI hinges on nurses. If nurses mistrust or misunderstand the role of AI, there is little hope of success. So our team decided to tackle this head on.

After dozens of conference calls, PowerPoints and edited Word documents, our team developed a robust clinical AI training program for nurses across our customer sites that has been approved by the Mississippi Nursing Foundation (MNF) for continuing education (CE) hours. The training program converts nurses into AI champions — true believers in the power of AI to improve patient outcomes.

In approving the program, MNF recognizes the critical role of clinical AI and prescriptive analytics in shifting the healthcare system to value-based and preventative care models. So far, the feedback we’ve received from the nurses we’ve trained so far has been nothing short of enthusiastic (phew!).

We’re proud of the work we’ve put into this initiative. The topics covered include:

  • An overview of value-based care and preventative care models
  • An overview of AI applications and techniques in healthcare
  • The difference between prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • The advantages and disadvantages of AI
  • The difference between reactive and proactive care
  • A review of the shift to primary prevention care
  • Case studies in clinical AI

Our goal is simple really – to cultivate nursing champions of prescriptive clinical AI. We’ve seen countless times that having internal advocates for clinical AI within a hospital is critical to breaking down the barriers to adoption. After completing our training program, nurses will be empowered with the knowledge to apply clinical AI insights and to build trust and understanding across their clinical teams to do the same.

The nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the Mississippi Nurses Foundation, Inc., an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

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