Member Activation & Engagement

Maximize outreach and engagement efforts with prescriptive insights

Healthcare plans are under pressure from multiple fronts. They are managing populations with increasing chronic conditions and health challenges at younger and younger ages. Expanding member engagement can increase member interest, improve decision making in their plan of care, build loyalty with the health plan, and lower healthcare costs. Driven by value-based care, payers must engage their members to reduce associated costs and improve the overall health of their population.

Using the Jvion CORE’s ability to aggregate clinical and non-clinical data, payers can now have better insight into a members willingness to engage in their care decisions. Additionally, the CORE identifies the best communication channel to use to ensure members receive critical information pertaining to their benefits and health.

Jvion’s Member Activation and Engagement insights help:

  • Positively impact the member experience
  • Maximize outreach efforts
  • Reduce the cost of care
  • Improve member health

Key products for Member Activation & Engagement include:

  • Avoidable Admission: 30/60/90 days
  • Readmission: All Cause
  • Avoidable Admission: Diabetes
  • Readmission: Dual-Eligible
  • Avoidable ED Visit: All Cause
  • Readmission: Post Discharge
  • Avoidable ED Visit: CHF
  • Readmission: CHF
  • ED High Utilizers

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Featured Product

Preferred Communication Channel

Jvion can provide the preferred channel and time for communicating with members as a standalone feature or in combination with all other products. The Jvion CORE™ can identify the optimal communication channel, ranging from member portals to text messaging to provider-based outreach, as well as the time of day the member is likely to be most receptive. These insights can be integrated with customer CRM, case management or EHR platforms and used to communicate important information and increase response rates.

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Patient Impact Story

Effective Patient Communication Improves Medication Adherence and Outcomes

A busy 35-year-old man with type 2 diabetes was flagged by the Jvion CORE™ for being at high-risk for non-adherence to his medication. The CORE also identified that the best way to contact him was through text. Since Jvion was integrated with the CRM and the text system, the member’s individual text protocol based on Jvion’s recommendation was automatically initiated. The recommendation noted that there were barriers to him obtaining his medication in a timely manner. A phone appointment was scheduled for him with Navigator over text. The care provider called him at the designated time and helped him put a plan together to fill his prescriptions, through a mail order service. This ensured consistency with his prescriptions reducing the likelihood of an adverse event. Now, he is stable and feeling good as he continues his busy life.


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