Public Health Agencies

Prescriptive Insights that Improve Community Health and Reduce Barriers to Care

Public health agencies have gained increasing access to large amounts of health data, but finding relevant correlations in that data to positively impact community health and program development has been challenging. Clinical AI aggregates and analyzes the data to provide a holistic picture of beneficiary vulnerability across clinical and socioeconomic risk factors.

These insights can then greatly improve the effectiveness of programs and initiatives aimed at reducing disparities, minimizing socioeconomic barriers to care, and improving the overall health of communities.

Learn more about the applications most relevant for public health agencies:

How We Help

Reduce adverse health outcomes

Identify hidden risks and vulnerabilities across communities and beneficiary populations and deploy targeted and prioritized recommendations to drive better health and cost savings.

Reduce avoidable cost and utilization

Leverage prioritized and personalized recommendations to drive appropriate utilization across populations.

Improve beneficiary engagement

Identify optimal communication channels to drive participation and engagement.

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