Readmissions Reduction

Preventing Readmissions with Clinical AI

Readmissions happen for a reason. Many are driven by a confluence of external factors beyond the patient and their clinical care. Things like access to a pharmacy, access to a car or having food in the pantry can all impact if, when and why a patient is readmitted to the hospital.

The Jvion CORETM looks at readmission risk with the context of all the clinical and external factors that drive it, analyzing thousands of clinical, socioeconomic and behavioral data points per patient. This approach can:

  • Identify patients with unforeseen risk that would be missed by predictive analytics
  • Recommend responses tailored to the patient’s socioeconomic needs
  • Reduce readmission rates, improve outcomes and lower costs

Key products for Readmissions Reduction include:

  • Readmission: Oncology
  • Readmission: Post-Discharge
  • Readmission: All-Cause
  • Readmission: CHF
  • Readmission: Dual-Eligible

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Featured Product

All-Cause Readmission Prevention

Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has identified 30-day readmissions as a critical care quality measure — with reimbursement contingent on performance. Ten years in, hospitals still have more work to do, and lowering readmission rates remains a top quality and financial priority.

Jvion’s Readmissions product not only identifies patients at risk for readmission but surfaces the modifiable risk factors and prioritized recommendations to change the risk trajectory. On average Jvion’s product has reduced all-cause readmissions by 20%.

The Jvion CORE considers all the clinical, socioeconomic, environmental and behavioral factors that drive readmissions to identify patients at risk, and recommends actions that address patients’ unique risk factors. Across over 300 hospitals where it has been deployed, the CORE has reduced all-cause readmissions by 20% on average.

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Patient Impact Story

Preventing CHF Readmission

A 79-year-old male patient was admitted for atrial fibrillation. Upon admission, the nurse on the transitional care team was alerted by the Jvion CORE that the patient was at high risk for a readmission related to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). The patient had been recently diagnosed with CHF, and his admission was correlated directly with the exacerbation of his disease.

The CORE identified the patient’s specific risk factors and made recommendations tailored to his needs. The transitional care team was then able to educate the patient on daily weigh-ins and disease-specific nutrition, schedule follow-up appointments with appropriate providers, and involve the patient’s caregiver in their care plan. The patient has not been readmitted due to his condition.

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