Augment Clinical Decision Making With Insights That Identify Modifiable Risk and Transform Outcomes

With over $312B in avoidable costs and over 400,000 preventable deaths per year1, there is increasing urgency to improve outcomes and more effectively manage finite resources.

Insights from the Jvion’s prescriptive artificial intelligence CORE™, help providers get to patients at risk for an adverse event before symptoms present and course-correct their risk trajectory with clinically relevant and prioritized recommendations. Jvion’s clinical AI is makes sense of large sets of clinical and non-clinical data including behavioral and environmental insights. Considering 4,500 data points and a quadrillion dimensions of risk for each patient, clinicians are directed to patients whose outcomes can be changed. The accuracy of Jvion’s CORE eliminates alert fatigue and helps augment clinical decisions by aligning evidence-based recommendations to each individual based on their clinical and socioeconomic risk factors.

Learn more about the most relevant applications of the Jvion CORE for providers:

1The Price of Excess — Identifying Waste in Healthcare Spending. Price Waterhouse Coopers,

How We Help

Reduce burnout and alert fatigue

Enable clinicians to intercept and course-correct harmful patient trajectories by focusing efforts on modifiable (but often not immediately apparent) patients

Treat the whole patient

Jvion uses clinical data buried in your EHR systems, augments it with comprehensive socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental data, and marry that data to clinically vetted best practices

Improve patient engagement and adherence

By understanding individual risk and remediation, providers can establish regimens and programs that fit the socioeconomic and behavioral realities of the patient

Strengthen financial viability

Help drive patients to the right care setting proactively and increase appropriate utilization

Customers Jvion Has Helped Impact Patient Lives

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