Helping Providers and Payers Meet the Needs of Cancer Patients with Clinical AI

More than 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States.1 Jvion’s Oncology application helps providers deliver high-quality, patient-centered care while reducing costs across the cancer care continuum. Additionally, insights from the Jvion CORE™ can help payers identify underlying risk and complications such as depression to target care and case management outreach. The Jvion CORE assesses patients across multiple clinical dimensions to deliver a complete oncology solution that enables better care and delivers patient-level risk propensities, clinical and non-clinical drivers and recommended clinical actions.

Jvion’s Oncology suite helps:

  • Identify factors likely to cause accelerated deterioration while admitted to inform interventions
  • Surface hidden risks and complications like depression early so providers can manage patients to a better outcome
  • Continue to drive to a system of quality, affordable, and optimized care for patients across care settings

Key products for Oncology include:

  • Oncology: 30-Day ED
  • Oncology: 30-Day Readmission
  • Oncology: 30-Day Mortality
  • Oncology: 6-Month Deterioration

1. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, “Oncology Care Model.” cms.gov, 06/2020. Available: https://innovation.cms.gov/innovation-models/oncology-care.

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Featured Product

6-Month Deterioration

Early identification of people at risk of functional decline is essential for delivering targeted preventive interventions, as functional status is a predictor of mortality and tolerance to cancer management. Current approaches such as the ECOG Scale of Performance Status only capture a single measurement of a patient’s level of functioning, potentially missing other impactful factors outside of the clinical setting.  

Jvion’s 6-Month Deterioration product provides a comprehensive way of managing functional decline before it occurs in the oncology population. Using patient registry, pharmacy, lab and medical claims, activity of daily living, depression and pain assessments as well as socioeconomic, environmental and behavioral data, Jvion can alert clinicians to patients with a high likelihood of deterioration and identify patients who will most benefit from outreach, intervention and care coordination. The use of this information allows clinicians to better prioritize a patient registry leading to improved patient outcomes. 

Who We Help

Patient Impact Story

Coordinating Care for Terminal Illness Improves Patient Management

A 71-year-old woman with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was receiving a trial medication for her condition. The Jvion CORE alerted the oncology practice’s Patient Care Coordinators that the patient was at risk for 30-day mortality and an avoidable hospital admission. Upon chart review, the care team realized that the patient had recently been admitted to the ER and was awaiting discharge to hospice. Without Jvion, this information would not have made it to the Patient Care Coordinators because the referral to hospice was made by the hospital and not communicated to the oncology practice.

As a result, the care team was able to discontinue any trial medications, ensure appropriate symptom management while in hospice care, discuss and confirm the patient’s advanced directives, and reinforce the practice’s process of patient escalation to ensure patient-centered care.

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