How AI can transform your EHR into a powerful patient harm prevention engine

Every year, as many as 400,000 patients die as a result of preventable harm, making it the third leading cause of death in America. The problem is as costly as it is deadly: preventable harm contributes to $244B in wasteful spending each year. Whether it’s hospital acquired infections, falls, or avoidable readmissions, preventable harm can be prevented — with a new approach leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your EHR and the clinical data it stores into the most powerful patient harm prevention engine.

By seamlessly leveraging the clinical data in your EHR system, augmenting it with comprehensive socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental data, purpose-built enterprise AI now marries that data with the latest clinical research on best practices and protocols, empowering care teams to prevent harm and drive down costs.

The AI Revolution is Already Here

AI presents exciting opportunities to transform healthcare, with major impacts anticipated for cancer diagnosis, medical image processing, and precision medicine. AI adoption is still in its early stages, and many of the predictions have yet to be realized — but not all.

Consider for a moment a patient at a leading hospital who was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and obesity. The risks were obvious, but the risk scores provided by the provider’s EHR were of little value for understanding the root causes as the care team contemplated the best possible care plan. The care team looked to the Jvion CORE for answers.

Jvion’s purpose-built AI suggested that the patient may be suffering from depression — a diagnosis confirmed with subsequent screening. The primary care physician was notified and a tailored treatment plan was started. The result was not just a patient that avoided readmission, but one who, with the support of her care team, was able to become involved in her community, lose weight, and live a happier, healthier life.

The 2020 Accountable Care Game-changer

The new way to bend the avoidable patient harm and hospital cost curve in 2020 is by empowering clinicians to intervene while patient outcomes can still be changed. AI powered insights give care teams the power to impact patients more effectively and in so doing, improve quality scores and reduce hospital costs. This is where Jvion comes into the picture, spearheading a new enterprise category of AI for preventable harm that goes beyond risk scores, predictive models, and traditional clinical decision support.

The Jvion CORE integrates directly with your EHR system, where it augments the clinical EHR data with socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral data for a holistic view of the factors impacting individual patients’ health. Marrying this data with the latest clinical research, the Jvion CORE recommends clinically-validated interventions personalized to the patient’s unique circumstances. These actionable insights enable clinicians to intervene before patients present with symptoms, preventing harm and helping providers avoid unnecessary costs.

With more clients than any other clinical AI vendor, Jvion is the market leader in preventing harm with the power of AI. Hospitals report average reductions of 30% for preventable harm incidents and annual cost savings of $6.3 million. See how some of these clients are applying Jvion’s clinically-validated, evidence-based intelligence to save lives and reduce costs:

  • Taming avoidable utilization: Mercy Medical Center, part of the Sisters of Charity Health System, lowered rates of all-cause readmissions by 20+% and avoided $4M+ in costs with Jvion, sustaining a 20% drop in readmission rates over 18 months.
  • Preventing patient harm: Within two years of integrating the Jvion CORE into their EHR system, Grady realized a 10% reduction in readmissions and a 500% return on their investment. With Jvion’s AI, Grady was better able to identify at-risk individuals and intervene to prevent harm.

To learn more about how you can transform your EHR into a powerful patient harm intervention engine, download The Guide to Life-Changing and Risk-Bending Patient Harm Prevention

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