Cognitive Clinical Success Machine

The only Eigen-based engine that prevents patient-level clinical variation and improves intervention effectiveness

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Find Out How We Make AI Work for Healthcare

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine helps deliver more effective care at a lower cost and with greater impact.

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Baylor Scott & White Health is driving down Length of Stay with the Incorporation of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine
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The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine more precisely and comprehensively foresees risk and is the only machine of its kind to deliver the recommended actions that improve outcomes.


Helping hospitals reduce target illnesses, prevent patient deterioration, reduce the cost of care, and improve community health efforts.

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Integrated Delivery Networks
Helping IDNs manage utilization, network performance, and financial risk while providing the patient-level insights that drive improvements in health outcomes and care.

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Accountable Care Organizations
Enabling ACOs to better serve the covered population, determine market opportunities, track performance against Value Based Purchasing measures, and manage Medicare spend per beneficiary.

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Post-Acute Care Facilities
Reducing complications, infections, and readmissions for patients regardless of care setting.

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Patients' Lives Improved
by Jvion's Machine


Patient Considerations


Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine

Learn how Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine delivers unmatched speed to value and patient-specific recommendations to stop adverse events and improve health outcomes.
Learn how hospitals across the country are using Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to stop patient illness, improve intervention effectiveness, and drive toward value-based models of care and reimbursement.
Real Actions, Real Results

Focusing on the drivers for patient readmissions, this hospital lowered rates by close to 30% saving more than $4M in just months

Welcome to the World of Cognitive Action

Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine uses an Eigen Sphere engine to deliver a comprehensive patient view amplified beyond the risk of an event to the clinical actions that will improve outcomes and drive engagement. The machine is an award-winning solution that makes sense of the ever-changing body of clinical data to deliver action-level recommendations with unmatched speed and specificity. As a result, providers are better able to effectively and positively impact more patient lives, personalize interventions, and focus time and the right resources to the exact patients who need them.

The underlying engine enables more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations across thousands of factors. We apply our hundreds of thousands of self-learning Eigen Spheres to this data for each patient in real time. And we capture this power through clinical vectors, which allow us to point our cognitive machine to the illnesses and events that matter most.

Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine does what simple “predictive analytic” tools cannot. It can see each patient holistically. Our machine accounts for the thousands of exogenous factors impacting health and potential risk. Everything from the socioeconomic determinants of health to behavioral impacts and environmental elements are accounted for by the cognitive engine. These components, which make up 60% of the factors impacting a person's health status, help us deliver a full portrait of the patient that is as close to the true future state of a patient's risk and health as possible.